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This Month's Feature Article

“Improving Your Writing Skills - 7 Ways to Benefit From Online Writing Blogs”

By Joseph Maina Kabui

In a rapidly expanding digital communication space, blogging is indispensable, not only for blog owners but also for their followers. For freelance writers, there are many established and emerging blogs that provide a plethora of tools and practical ideas on how to improve writing skills. But there is a catch! Unless you are selective and wise, you may end more confused than enlightened after keenly following a range of blogs.

The following are suggestions on how best you can boost your writing career from these platforms:

1. You don't have to undergo similar experiences.

Bloggers are human. They share their experiences. They tell their followers and other readers how to do one thing or the other in the journey towards proficiency in writing. What they write in online writing blog is in most cases what they have experienced. It is rare that the experiences of one blogger will be exactly like yours. Pick what is relevant and move on.

2. Choose what is applicable to you.

Whatever you read in a blog may not be relevant, at least not all of it. Read with an eye on what is practical for you. It is also important to establish whether a certain idea is advocated for by a considerable number of successful bloggers. Think also of your level of exposure and experience before you borrow ideas. Knowing how to read blogs is crucial as you seek for practical ideas for your level of experience.

3. Follow reputable bloggers.

Establish the experience, market presence and followers' opinions of a blogger to assess what you can borrow from them. Read the 'About Us' pages, comments made by readers, the blogger's respective responses and respective social media pages to glean more information. Most importantly, establish whether the contents of an online writing blog are beneficial to your writing objectives since what you feel and believe about a blogger tramples all other criteria of the blogger's reputation.

4. Identify a niche.

While following and reading a range of blogs on every conceivable topic is good, you are will gain more if you subscribe to your niche's sites. Remember you want to gain knowledge, skills and experience in writing. Choose the best blogs in your area of writing. If you are a fashion writer, look for fashion blogs that you can follow. You need information that helps you to improve your writing skills and content knowledge.

5. Understand how language is used in blogs.

Blogs are informal platforms where a writer stoops to the level of the average reader and speaks to the latter conversationally. In essence, you should expect slang, colloquial language and street lingo in some blogs. If you are a budding writer, do not fall into the trap of adopting that language for all other forms of writing. Knowing how to read blogs is crucial even as you begin to fashion the language you will use when interacting with your own audience.

6. Subscribe to blogs and comment on posts.

After you have identified reputable bloggers to follow, subscribe to their blogs. You will receive regular email updates whenever a new article appears on the blogs you follow. Additionally, comment on the blog articles you have read. You can make a remark about the writer, critique articles, suggest alternatives or even ask questions. This will help you learn more and introduce you to other users of respective online writing blogs. It may even land you a writing job.

7. Write for the blog as a guest.

Getting to write a guest post is a great step in your journey towards proficient and prolific writing. Get in touch with the owners of the blogs you are following and find out whether you can write a guest article. As a niche writer, you can showcase your writing skills and knowledge of pertinent content on pertinent blogs. Remember, clients who want content for their website are reading the same blogs. Start to improve your writing skills and possibly get writing gigs by contributing posts to the blogs you follow.

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Joseph Maina Kabui

Website: http://www.articleelixir.com

Blog: http://www.articleelixir.com/blog

“I am a freelancer writer, editor, blogger and community development worker. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Literature and a Master of Arts degree in Project Planning and Management. My academic and professional backgrounds have exposed me to knowledge and skills that I share with my clients and readers through paid freelance writing and blogging. Although I edit all kinds of content and can write on a range of topics, I enjoy writing on freelance online writing, online gambling, health & fitness, management, communication, the environment and travel.”

Article Source: EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joseph_Maina_Kabui