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This Month's Feature Article

“Ways to Become a Guru Among Present-Day Writers”

by Jessica Freeman

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Celebrating Autism!

One of my grandsons has ASD. My daughter has penned this moving, heartbreaking yet amazingly joyous account of what it’s like living with a young boy with this condition.

Mervyn Love, Editor


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Compiled by
Christopher Fielden
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J. D. Salinger was a very private person, who tended to express his thoughts and emotions the way all other writers do: through writing. Can you imagine the struggles of a half Jewish man fighting in World War 2? It's no wonder why Salinger was so disappointed from humanity that he withdrew from public view when Catcher in the Rye achieved success immediately after being published.

If we dig through history, we will find many other examples of introvert writers, who felt haunted by their own popularity. Privacy gives us a sense of focus and strength. When we want to write, we withdraw. The present-day writer, however, is much different from the classical type. Hey, Sir Salman Rushdie even tweeted a (not-so-glorious) poem about Kim Kardashian.

Writers are getting in front of their audience in ways history has never seen. Their privacy is being affected, but the connection with the readers is getting deeper and more meaningful. "Once arrived at a party to see Salman Rushdie hugging Stephen King. That awesomeness was the party. So I went home," - that tweet draws a clear picture: writers are getting more popular than ever.

Modern writers are no longer loners. They are leaders that have enough authority to influence people's opinions about the most random things. They are becoming gurus.

Every writer wants to achieve such status, but there is a problem: the competition is huge! It seems like everyone is blogging, tweeting, and connecting through Instagram. How does one get noticed in that crowd?

Actionable Tips: How to Become a Guru Writer

From today's perspective, a guru is an influential persona whose advice and opinions people respect. To achieve such popularity, a writer mainly needs focus on his work and keep in mind tips from professional writers. When you have good foundation in publishing, you can start attracting followers and increasing awareness for the causes you care about. At that point, you can follow these tips that will turn you into a guru:

1. Think outside the box!

Your activity on social media has to be marked by creativity. Gary Shteyngart and Joe Dunthorne are shining on Twitter, so those are good examples to follow. Each of their posts encourages some kind of reaction: laughter, affirmation, criticism, anger, or mere interest to click a link. That's how powerful creative tweets are.

2. Beware of modern trends and news

How about expressing your opinions about the presidential elections? The audience expects to see what influencers think about these issues, so you need to get engaged in the trends. After all, a guru's goal is to share opinions and ideas that guide people's reasoning to a better place. That's why social media is a great place for sharing your reactions to current events.

3. Share valuable life experience

When you respect a writer and you find them on social media, you expect them to reveal a more private side to them. You get a glimpse of their personal opinions and struggles through their work, but now you expect something more precise. Bill Bryson is a travel writer, so sharing experience is his job, but we can all follow his example: travel, see more of this world, and bring new destinations closer to our readers.

4. One word: clarity!

There is no place for incomprehensible status updates on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. If you need to express yourself through a longer text, make sure the sentences are short and sweet; just as the online audience likes them. Hemingway is the golden standard of style the modern readers like, so try to maintain such clarity when communicating with the audience. Hemingway Editor is a tool you might find useful for that purpose.

Despite the great competition modern writers face, there is still a way for them to become real gurus. The good thing about today's reading market is that there is audience for every author out there. All you need to do is find your target readers in the online world and show them your real personality. The easy tips you just read will help you become the writer every reader wants to follow.


Author Bio:

Jessica Freeman is a freelance writer from Sydney. She is interested in traveling and online learning. She enjoys writing on education, technology innovations, and blogging tendencies.

Article Source: EzineArticles.com/Jessica_Freeman/

Article Source: EzineArticles.com/9557354


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