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24 October 2014

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This Month's Feature Article

“Writer's Block Does Not Exist”

 By Dan Goodwin

Dan GoodwinHow often do you get that slowly rising feeling of dread that you can't seem to come up with any good new ideas, lines or phrases in your writing? Maybe you feel so stuck you can't even write a word, let alone a sentence, paragraph or page?

All of us who write have felt times when the writing seems to come more easily than others. And other times when it barely comes at all.

But how you view this, your attitude towards it and the beliefs you hold around writing and writer's block, will all add up to determining how easy you'll find it to write.

I put it to you, that if you have the right supportive beliefs and attitude, writer's block does not exist.

Now, if your reaction to this statement is to think I'm lying, or being naïve, or that obviously I've never had the kind of REAL writer's block you've had, then I think that says more about your determination to believe in writer's block than what my beliefs are.

Imagine, just for a moment (whatever you currently believe) that writer's block didn't exist. That it was actually impossible for you to be affected by it, you were somehow completely immune.

How would your life as writer be different? How much more easily would you be able to write?

Take a few minutes to consider this in a little more detail. Observe your thoughts. Do you let your mind wander and see yourself enjoying a life of writing freely and abundantly?

Or do you dismiss the whole exercise as pointless because you so strongly believe that writer's block does exist?

If we demonise things in our life, if we fear them and run from them, we give them great power and influence. The kind of great power and influence they don't deserve to have.

If however, we pull off their scary mask, if we drag them out of the dark shadows and shine a spotlight in their face, we always see they're not as intimidating and affecting as we thought they were.

Writer's block is a great example of this. It cannot exist unless you believe it exists. Unless you believe it will inevitably strike you down one day and cause you complete writing debilitation.

However blocked you feel, you will always be able to write SOMETHING. Yes it may not be exactly what you want to write at that time, and it may not be perfect. But you will always be able to write. And sooner or later, if you keep writing, you will unfurl wonderful lines, ideas, poems and stories within you.

If writer's block is a religion, it's time to become an atheist. Join the non-believers today, and free yourself to write the great writing you know you're capable of writing.


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From Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin

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