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This Month's Feature Article

Ten Reasons to Become a Freelance Writer Now!

by Tracy Alreja

Tracey AlrejaWith the internet occupying every space of our lives, there has never been a better time to sign up as a freelance writer. Writing is viewed as a great profession and even with the lows you may feel during the extreme solitude, there is always the satisfaction of doing what you love.

Here are ten reasons why living as a self-employed writer is a good way to live.

Reason 1: You are your own boss

As a freelance writer, you are self-employed and your own boss. You do not have to take orders for anybody or report your work to higher authorities. You pocket 100% of what you create and no one else gets credit but you.

Reason 2: No costs to get you started

It is unbelievably easy to start off as a writer. You only need a computer and your writing skills. You can start off as a short time occupation until you feel confident enough to make it your complete time occupation.

Reason 3: No commute

There is no need to waste time, money and energy on commuting from home to office. You can skip the chaos of the streets and not bother at all about the rush hour traffic or poor public transport. Your home can be your office or even better, you don't even need an office space.

Reason 4: You choose your work time

You will have complete control on your working hours. If you think you are an early morning person or if you are a midnight owl, both timings works well with an independent writer. You should, however, be disciplined to not squander time just because there is no fixed work time. In this case, it might work negatively for you.

Reason 5: Dress comfortably

There are no hassles of dress code when your job is that of a writer. You can wear whatever you want as long as it does not disturb your writing. You may, however, need to present yourself well on a few occasions, so keep a pair of formal wear for such occasions.

Reason 6: Choice of clients

You will have the freedom of choosing the type of articles you want to write. You can decide to take on work from a client or not depending on the rates and any other aspects that you are looking for.

Reason 7: Family time

Since there is no need to leave home, you will always be at home with your family. This is a great job for mothers especially who really wish to be with their kids but also want to make a living.

Reason 8: No office rent

Articles can be written from any nook and corner as long as the juices in your head keep churning. You can choose any comfortable environment to work from. There is never going to be the need to rent out a separate space for your office, your home can serve the purpose and occasionally you can find a peaceful cafe to get the extra inspiration.

Reason 9: Turning hobby into profession

If your hobby is to write, then this is the perfect work for you where you can turn your hobby into profession. You can do it short time while keeping your regular job or dive into it as complete time occupation.

Reason 10: Learn from every article

Every article you write requires some reading up to do which adds to your knowledge base. Many freelance writers turn into experts on a particular subject just by writing extensively on it. For instance, if you are working as a web content writer for a company that sell lawn mowers, soon enough you will know each and every thing about the equipment. 

Tracy Alreja

Established with an aim to illuminate academic excellence, Writers grid connects those who have acquired the specialized skills and those who are looking for help.

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