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A Brief Biography of Your Editor

Mervyn Love was born a century and a half ago (well, it feels like it sometimes) in the village of Reepham, Lincolnshire, and has never looked back. It is this geographical origin that has led to his sincere conviction, up until quite recently, that the earth really was flat.

Mervyn failed his ‘O’ Level Maths at the age of 30, having been something of a slow learner, and ironically has earned his living by crunching numbers in the finance departments of several companies. Which just goes to show that all the sweat and tears gaining ‘A’ Levels in Quantum Physics, Civil Engineering, and Cross-stitch in the 13th Century were a complete waste of time.

Recreations include ropeless abseiling, desert pot-holing, lounging in front of the Telly and tiddly-winks. The latter being a left-over from the time he captained the Frodingham Flyers to victory in the Lincolnshire and South Humberside Tiddly-winks Championships in 1954 against reigning champions the Appleby Aces. The Flyers won by two whizzers and a scrimp in a nail biting final at the Grimsby Fish Gutters Centennial Hall.

His award-winning site for aspiring writers, WritersReign.co.uk (voted Best Cloned Site 2002 in the ‘Web Sites Thrown Together With Little Or No Thought’ category) recently won the "Site Most Likely To Be Ignored In The 21st Century" award, and has received several similar accolades.

His ambition is to one day get out of bed before 11.00am, and beat his wife at Scrabble. But not both on the same day.

Legal Disclaimers: 'I didn’t do it, your honour!'

No, but seriously, I try really hard to get things right, but nobody’s perfect. If you find any links that don’t work or give you grief in any way, please let me know. All opinions expressed by myself or other article writers are just that: opinions, and no guarantee of any particular outcome is implied. Any products or software you download from sites mentioned on this site is tried at your own risk and I cannot accept responsibility for any problems caused if it is faulty. You must take this up with the software supplier.


Security Advisory

This page is intended solely for visitors to WritersReign web site, and should not be shown, hinted at, nudged, winked, or in any way, and by any means such as the Morse code, sign language or by writing the contents on the steamed up window of a No. 7 bus, be communicated to a third party without the express permission of the originator, who, it has to be said, is 101% likely not to give it. So don't hold your breath. Information on this page may have, or contain, under certain circumstances, classified wordage which may harm, damage, embarrass, infuriate or, if things got really bad, and even if the odds are 1 squillion to 1 against, may conceivably undermine the perceived credibility of the originator which is the last thing we want.

Your co-operation in not breathing a word to a soul will be appreciated.

What do you mean "No problem"?

On the other hand you may freely and without restraint pass on the name of this site, i.e.: www.writersreign.co.uk to anyone on the planet you happen to be friends with. To do so would earn you the undying gratitude or your editor. No cash, just undying gratitude.

Mercenary Motives

Oh, and another thing. Should you purchase any item from this site by clicking on a link or advert you may be disgusted to learn that WritersReign may, repeat may, earn a few pennies in commission. If this fills you with horror at the mercenary motives of your editor but are still interested in the product, then I advise you to Google the name of said product in your browser, which should lead you to the producer’s sales page, and you can buy it directly from him/her without adding any more doubtful moolah to the WritersReign coffers. It won't cost any less but it might make you feel better.

And what, some might ask, are you going to do with all these piles of cash? Well, I rather have my heart set on a new car. Not a Ferrari or a Lamborgeeni (in fact I don't even know how to spell it), just a nice new Fiesta for my lady wife as she really deserves it. So far I have amassed the sum of £19 14s 4½d.

Some way to go then.

On a serious note, this site really is a labour of love (no pun intended) and all costs are borne entirely by myself. (Sob, sob!)

Right, that's the end of that. Time for a cuppa. Put the kettle on Phyllis!

About WritersReign

WritersReign is a website dedicated to assisting writers to improve their work and get it published.

My aim is to provide resources, articles, links and downloads, and not forgetting my two f.r.e.e. Writing courses - Short Story and Article - to help the aspiring writer to get on with it and produce something that will prove satisfying and rewarding to both writer and reader. After all, writing should be fun. Hard work, yes, but fun as well. If you don’t get a buzz from your creative output then it really can be the pits. But get those creative juices flowing and the adrenaline pumping and writing can be the best occupation on the planet.

Mervyn Love, Editor

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