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Writing tends to be a lonely business and writers often don't know where to turn to get answers to what are often quite ordinary problems.

This Questions and Answers page deals with various aspects of writing, Word for Windows problems and a number of computer problems that writers have asked us about.

If you have come across a problem that is annoying and provokes those deep sighs of frustration then let WritersReign come to the rescue by putting those posers that have you stumped to our expert panel* who will try their best to come up with an answer. Use the form on the right.

Questions and links to Answers are listed below.

* me and the wife.

Writers' Questions

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Please note that, in some cases, names of questioners have been changed to provide anonymity.

M Chadwick asks: “In my novel I want to quote the entire poem "How Do I love Thee" giving Eliz. Browning credit. Is it permissible?” Answer


Micki R. asks:

“I am trying to discover if I need insurance as a freelance writer specialising in health? Can you help with that? My sister is a writer and recommended you so that’s why I was on your site. I was just worrying what happens if someone follows what you say in a feature and gets ill or something!” Answer

Ruth R asks:

“I have two short stories and some poems finished and would love to see if they are good enough to be printed. People tell me I am good I don't think so.” Answer

Mike W asks:

Please could you advise me of the typical cost for a ghostwriter to assist with a novel? Many thanks. Answer

Sheila B  asks:

Question: I have a life story that is complicated. It starts off with one family and touches another two. I have begun my memoirs with a dream sequence. How do I continue please? Answer

Nev Alson asks:

Question: I am editing by late Fathers memoirs and hoping to get them published. Should I change the names of people mentioned or keep them (or just some)? Some accounts of people are less than favourable and I would not like to upset any of their family. Your advice please? Answer

Madeleine P asks:

Do you know any FREE writers competitions for kids? Answer

Dejected of Deal asks:

My stories keep getting rejected. What advice can you offer to help me deal with this? Answer

Pearl E Gates of Safe Haven asks:

“Is there any way to stop spam e-mails if you don’t have a firewall?” Answer

Lester of Leicester asks:

“How can I make sure my computer is protected by a firewall?” Answer

Twilla Pirbright of Nether Potterbridge-Under-Wold asks:

“What is Spyware and do I need it?” Answer

Puzzled of Prestwich asks:

I've been reading Harry Potter and want to know: how do you actually pronounce 'horcrux' and 'horcruxes'?  Answer

Erica Gomes asks:

When entering a writing competition, if not mentioned, should a short story have a title? Answer

Baffled of Barnet asks:

What is de-fragging? How and why should I do it? Answer

Annie Croakley asks

Can I keep very large documents, say 50,000 words, on my computer? Answer

Gerald Tribune asks:

Where do all my deleted documents go? Answer

Tristan Shout asks:

 If I go into Envelopes and Labels (in Word) and select Labels, I can never sort out the correct sizes as I don’t speak metric. Can you help? Answer

Troubled of Twickenham asks:

How do you get rid of something (a box or window) that suddenly overlaps a previous one on screen? How do you recover a piece that suddenly disappears off screen? Answer

Confused of Coventry asks:

When I want to open several documents at once, how can I select them from the 'file open' listing collectively rather than individually? Answer